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USA Summer Camp Team
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About us

Find out more about USA Summer Camp.

USA Summer Camp prides itself on being just like you.  We're a fun, friendly company that makes you and your summer our priority.  Going to camp is a lifestyle for over 1,000 USA Summer Camp participants every summer! That golden number is continually rising, which means people trust us and like how we do things.  

Every member of the USASC team started off in your position.  We all went to camp as a first timer, experienced the same joys, difficulties and emotions as you'll go through when you get placed at camp. We all had the best summer of our lives at a summer camp in the USA and we want to help you do the same. 

Once you've experienced camp, like us, you won't want to let it go!

  • Began as an idea in the summer of 2006
  • 2007 saw 65 participants go to camp
  • In 2014 it was over 1,000 participants
  • Offices in Solihull, Newcastle & Reading
  • Over 15 years of camp experience 


  • 2 Creators
  • 17 office staff
  • 80 National Team
  • 500+ Summer Camps
Camp fires
Camp fires

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USA Summer Camp Office

USA Summer Camp Office


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