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Claiming Tax Back
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Tax Back

How to Claim Tax Back From Your Summer Camp Work.

Working and living in the US is an endless adventure, giving you a once in a lifetime chance to make your American dream come true. Travelling across the country, making new friends, and taking up new challenges – they’re all a part of the American dream.



US Taxes

Living in the US can be so overwhelming you might forget that it comes with certain legislative obligations, one of them being taxed on your income.

Anyone working in the US is legally obliged to file a tax return and what’s more important, the tax return should be compliant with the US tax laws. As tax procedures are quite complicated for most students, you should look for an authorised tax agent as Taxback.com.

Taxback.com helps thousands of J1 students and work and travel participants file their US tax returns each year. In addition, their team of tax specialists can claim a refund on any tax you overpaid while working there!

Where to start

To apply for your refund, simply fill in the short form below and the team will provide you with a free, no-obligation tax refund estimate and start the process for you. You’re guaranteed a safe and secure application process with instant updates.


Quick tax facts