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summer camp faq
Call now +44 (0)121 411 9165
getting started at summer camp logo
Getting Started
Learn about USA Summer Camp. Find in-depth articles and videos on everything USASC
application and documents summer camp logo
Application & Documents
First Timer information, the interview process and required documents.
flights and summer camp placement logo
Flights & Camp Placement
About your flights and anything you need to know getting to camp.
camp life logo
Camp Life
Everything you need to know or wish to ask about camp.
fees and payments for camp america logo
Fees & Payments
Details on fees, payments, discounts and incentives.
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Visa & Embassy
Guidance and assistance in getting your visa to work in the USA.
travel after summer camp logo
Travel After Camp
Where to go, what to do and anything else to do with travel.
summer camp returners logo
Returning to camp, info, wages & fees.