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A Typical Day at Camp

A typical day at Camp in America - filled with Camp activities, games and so much more!

07:30 am Wake Up

Rise and shine, time to get your campers ready for the day. Your camp might be particularly old school, so you’ll be woken up by a bell or a camp bugle which will really jump start your day.

waking up at summer camp

08:00 am Flag Raising

Every morning the whole camp will gather around the flagpole for the Pledge of Allegiance. You'll get the opportunity at some point to raise the flag with your cabin.

raising the flat at camp

08.15 am Breakfast

Time to fuel yourself for the upcoming day. Camp food is generally pretty varied. There’ll be cereal, a hot food option, fruit and a veggie option. Eat up, you’ll need it to prepare for a fun packed day.

breakfast at summer camp

9.00 am Cabin Clean Up

After breakfast is finished, you'll head back to your cabin to clean up. The cleanest cabin usually wins a prize every week, so the kids take it pretty seriously. Plus their parents will be forever grateful!

american camp cabins

9.30 am Morning Activities

There are usually 4/5 activity periods in a day. The kids will have loads of activities to choose from like sailing, horse riding, basketball or jewelry making to name a few. During the summer you'll have the opportunity to do pretty much every activity at camp!

activities at summer camp

12.00 pm Lunch

Meals at camp aren't just about eating in silence - they involve lots of singing, chanting and daily announcements. You'll soon forget what it’s like to have food in any other way!

lunch at an american camp

1.00 pm Rest Period

This time of day will usually be the hottest (and trust us, American summers can reach up to 35 degrees). You'll get the chance to get out of the sun and rest up before the afternoon’s activities.

summer camp swimming pool

1.45 pm Afternoon Activities

The campers will get the opportunity again to do a different set of activities from the morning. This could be anything from water skiing, movie making, dance or archery.

activities at camp america

4.30 pm Free Time

Use your free time to hit the lake for a swim, shoot some hoops or practice for the evening entertainment! There will be time for your campers to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. After a hectic day of activities, you'll be glad when you get a chance to change and prep for the evening's shenanigans.

what to do with free time at camp

6.00 pm Dinner

Every meal at camp will be different, you'll get everything from American classics like corn dogs, sliders and Philly cheese steaks to spaghetti night, which is normally pure chaos.

summer camp dinner

7.30 pm After Dinner Activities

A lot of camps run special theme weeks, it could be Wild Wild West, Aliens and Cowboys, Mario Kart, Harry Potter or even Superheroes. Or sit back and watch what other groups have prepared for your entertainment. Usually the after dinner activities are with all the kids and will be something to do with the week's theme or simply a good old traditional camp fire. Get stuck in, it’ll be a laugh!

evening activities at summer camp

9.30 pm Lights out

Lights Out is staggered depending on how old the kids are, so naturally the younger children go to bed slightly earlier. If you have a night off, you'll be free to chill out with the other staff. Get some shut eye as tomorrow's schedule will be as jam packed as today.

lights out at summer camp