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Camp Counselor

A Camp Counselor is a Rewarding, Exciting and Fun-Filled Summer Camp Job

A Camp Counselor’s job role is to lead a specific skill or activity at summer camp.


They get involved with all aspects of their activity from the planning to getting campers more involved. A typical day for a Camp Counselor will be spent leading a number of small group sessions as well as taking time out to join in with all the fun and excitement that summer camp has to offer.

Camp Counselors may also have additional child care responsibilities at other points in the day including evening activities, supervising at meal times and sharing a cabin with a group of campers.

There are so many sports and activities that Camp Counselors can teach at summer camp. Summer camps will hire camp counselors based on their experience, passion and confidence teaching their sport or skill. We welcome applications from anyone with experience in one or more chosen activities.

Summer camps also hire staff as General Counselors. 

A General Counselor has the responsibility of being in charge of a small group of campers taking them from one activity to the next. Their main job is to encourage campers to try out all the activities at camp and to make sure that their day is spent having plenty of fun.

Campers will go to their Counselor for everything and it will be their duty to help them out. A Camp Counselor is seen as an older brother or sister to their campers. Expect to play lots of games, chant plenty of songs and even be the person that gets thrown in the lake!

General Counselors are hired on their personality and ability to generate plenty of fun. It’s essential for a General Counselor to have a go-getter attitude and be able to really laugh at themselves. A huge perk to becoming a General Counselor is getting to have a go at a host of camp activities.