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General Counselor

Get paid to work in America*
Lead songs, cheers and games with the children
Enhance your teaching experiences for a great CV*
Experience everything camp has to offer

As a Camp Counselor in the USA - you're someone who is responsible for the education, safety and wellbeing of campers. It is also someone who is ready to start up a camp song, prepared to dress up and can easily generate enough fun to last a summer. This type of summer work requires lots of energy and commitment, but is the best job in the world.

What is the job?

A General Counselor is the most common role at camp. It is their responsibility to lead a group of campers from one activity to the next and to encourage campers to try new things. Campers will go to their counselor for everything and it will be their duty to help them out. It's your job to put smiles on the campers faces, so you could be found shooting some 3 pointers with them or being the person getting thrown in the lake! 

What benefits are there?

A Counselor will get a taste of every aspect of camp and they will be able to try every activity that their campers will do. Counselors will be responsible for making the day full of fun things to do. Expect every day to be different and get stuck into something totally new. You'll have a great time with a group of staff playing games and leading campfires. You'll also learn to laugh at yourself. 

What can be learnt from this role?

You will work as part of a team forming new ideas and plans for every week. You’ll learn to be a leader and to solve every problem that will face you. You'll become efficient when organsing a group of campers, and by the end of the summer you will be able to fill up your CV with countless examples of you doing something amazing.


Who are we looking for?

To be a General Counselor, you need to know how to laugh at yourself. This is a full on, crazy job where you keep fun levels sky high. You’ll be leading games, chanting songs as well as taking campers from one activity to the next. You need to be enthusiastic and willing to give anything a go. As part of your job, you will be someone that campers will look up to and they will want you to join in with their activities. This is your chance to try activities like sailing, horse riding or archery. You need to be confident leading a small group of campers with another member of staff and be ready to help with anything these campers need.