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Fancy working as a Lifeguard at Summer Camp? 

Spending the summer working as a Lifeguard at Summer Camp is definitely one of the coolest positions at camp! 

There are lots of activities on the water for campers to try out - from slides to waterskiing - and they all need a lifeguard on duty to make sure everyone's kept safe.

Summer Camps right across America either have modern swimming facilities or are based on the banks of stunning, clear lakes.  

What's a Typical Day Like for a Lifeguard at Summer Camp? 

Every camp is a little different, and every day's a bit different too - that's part of the fun of a summer at camp! 

A typical day for a Lifeguard at Summer Camp will be spent in and around the pool or lake, keeping an eye out to make sure everyone's safe, but still having fun. 

Camp's not all work, so Lifeguards have plenty of opportunities to get involved in all the fun and excitement that camp has to offer. 

From spending time around campfires tucking into traditional camp food to getting competitive at Colour War, there's always something going on! 

If you want to have a look through an example day that we've put together, head over to our Typical Day at Summer Camp timeline

What Qualifications do Lifeguards at Summer Camp Need?

Qualified Lifeguards are usually in high demand, and camps run conversion courses to make sure qualifications from around the world are valid in the USA. 

If you want to become a Lifeguard at Summer Camp, but don't have a qualification, you could earn it out in the US as a trainable lifeguard, or give us a call to have a chat about one of our American Red Cross Lifeguard courses.