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This is definitely one of the coolest positions at camp. Working by the pool or the lake is a major advantage as you can guarantee plenty of hot days to perfect that tan!

All the camps that we work with have fantastic swimming facilities, whether this is in modern pools or on the banks of stunning lakes. There will be lots of activities in the water for campers to try out, including giant inflatables, cool slides, water skiing and much more. For all of these activities, the one crucial ingredient is a qualified lifeguard. 

Got your Qualifications?

If you have your qualification then there are camps all over the States waiting to talk to you. Which ever board you took your qualification through camp will be able to run a conversion course so that you are qualified in America. If you haven't qualified yet then you have a few options. Find a local course and gain your qualification yourself or speak to us about a place on one of our American Red Cross lifeguard courses. Either way you can prepare for a summer in the sun.

Away from the pool

As well as working as a Lifeguard you'll have the chance to take part in camp life. You will take part in the huge variety of activities over the summer, whether it be Arts and Crafts to Basketball. You will be sitting round the camp fire enjoying s'mores and taking a full part in camp traditions like the colour war. Remember this is meant to be a job but you will be having fun all summer, creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Chill out round a pool or beautiful lake in America as a Lifeguard. Perfect.