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Speciality Camps

Speciality Camps have one particular sport or interest that they will concentrate on for the entire summer. There will be camps that specialise in activities like Tennis, Horse Riding, Circus Skills or even Science.  Every single aspect of the day will be about this interest. From breakfast to bedtime, campers will live and breathe what they love to do.

Speciality Camps aim to inspire, teach and improve every camper’s ability to be the very best they can be.  Camps will encourage all campers to come to camp with a wide-ranging ability from beginners to experts. Campers will be split on their ability and will have competitions or targets to reach by the end of their time at camp.

Apart from teaching this particular sport or interest, the camp will also run other activities on certain days or evenings. These activities will be similar to those of a traditional camp. There will be classic campfires, camp games and songs.

These types of camps will be seeking Specialists to teach and lead activities at their camp. If you feel that you are experienced in what you do, make sure you include any teaching experience you have in your application for an opportunity to be placed at a fantastic speciality camp.