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Speciality Camps

Speciality Camps have one particular sport or interest that they will concentrate on for the entire summer. There will be camps that specialise in activities like Tennis, Horse Riding, Performing Arts or even Science.


Speciality Camps cater for those campers who are incredibly passionate about a sport or hobby and want to grow in skill, knowledge and experience. They will attend summer camp to be live and play with lots of other people who wish to do the exact same thing. A Speciality Camp offers the best of both - providing speciality training with a traditional camp feel.

Campers will take part in lessons, games and one to one tuition based on their specific needs. They can work on excelling in their chosen field monitored by staff who themselves have plenty of skill and experience. Campers can come with a wide variety of skill and experience. Some may be borderline professionals and others may be beginners ready to learn more. Camp Counselors are hired to work with all levels helping them gain more confidence and experience as well as having lots of fun.

They will also receive all the benefits of a traditional camp, choosing to take part in a wide range of sports and activities. Speciality Camps will also organise plenty of evening activities for all of camp to come together and enjoy. Evening activities can be anything from performances, talent shows and games.

Typically Speciality Camps are 'sleep-away' camps where campers and counselors will stay in cabin/bunk accommodation. Each day will have a structured plan of lessons and activities plus lots of time for fun, games and recreational activities with the whole of camp.