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what is summer camp
What is Summer Camp?
Summer Camps in America are places for children and sometimes adults to enjoy a summer in the outdoors aquiring new skills, games and experiences. Camps like to employ international staff to help run the camp - these are the camp leaders. Each year we send over 1,100 young people aged 18+ to work in summer camps around the USA.
Lead an Activity you Love and Get Paid for it
Summer camp gives you the opportunity to put your talents to use and teach American campers what you know. There are places available for sport, performing arts, water activities, music, football and many more. Every placement we offer is paid and you'll receive some pocket money you can use to pay for your after camp travels.
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Make Lifelong Friendships
There will be staff from places such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa or Mexico. You create a close bond at camp and become friends for life, sharing a summer full of fun and memories together.
Days off are Days for Roadtrips and Pool Parties
Camps run for around 9 weeks in the summer months of May, June, July and August, but it’s not all work and no play. On your days off you can explore local cities and towns with your new camp friends.
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The easy way to Travel across the United States
Once camp is finished, you and your friends can travel all over America. This could be taking a road trip with the guys from camp, seeing more of New York, going to the Niagra Falls, partying in LA, visiting the Whitehouse or just lazing around a beach in Florida! The best part is, it's completely up to you!
Add Priceless Skills to your CV
While summer camp is a lot of fun, it is also a great addition to your CV. Being a Camp leader will give you an opportunity to lead groups and take on responsibility - something all employers are looking for. Plus, it's a great self confidence booster too. University students may find that summer camp is relevant work experience for your course; ask your tutor to find out.
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